Copper Infused Compression Socks

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Copper socks- It brings to a strange image to the minds of those that are unfamiliar with them, but these aren’t socks made of copper thread, nor forged from copper. Instead, these are an amazing fabric innovation where normal thread is infused with copper to bring the anti-fungal and anti-microbial benefits of this amazing metal to truly comfortable apparel. Copper fabric has been in use for over a hundred years, created to help protect military tents from mold and mildew. We’ve taken this amazing fabric and used them to create the worlds most comfortable socks


It all comes down to the properties of copper infused fabrics, and more importantly, copper itself. Copper has long been known to have properties that prevent the growth and proliferation of microbes and fungi, and has been used in this capacity even before they had words for such things. All they knew is that water contained in copper containers remained potable and safe to drink. In the late 1800s the reason for this was discovered, and that’s when the technology for infusing copper into fabric was discovered and carried forth. Every day our feet are attacked by microbes and fungi that cause odor, athlete’s foot, and other ailments that occur in warm, wet places. That’s what makes these socks perfect for everyone from the most active athlete to those needing something to support them with their diabetes related struggles. 


Plain and simple, the benefits that come to you when you wear our copper defense socks are the benefits of putting an end to the ongoing war against microbes and bacteria on your feet. After you’ve had a long day at the gym, and you take your socks off, what do you smell?  You may have answered “horribly odorous feet”, but that’s only a half answer. That odor is the emissions from bacteria on your feet consuming your sweat and body wastes and converting them into foul-smelling waste. Sure, you could combat this with sticky, greasy creams and messy powders, but that’s just covering up the problem rather than eliminating it.

Pro-tect copper defense socks battle this problem at the source by using infused copper fabric in their construction. Copper’s inherent properties help to eliminate these issues by fighting bacterial and fungal growth, and that’s just the beginning. Then you add in the construction of our basic socks with brushed cotton that is softer and more comfortable than regular cotton, as well as absorbing 50% more liquids, wicking sweat away from your feet. 

Additional benefits to wearing our socks goes beyond the use of copper. Infusing copper into the socks provide all the benefits of above, but our design comes with even more. We’ve already explained how our brushed cotton blend can help wick away moisture from your feet, but that’s just the beginning. Our socks are made with a spandex blend that ensures that your socks will fit perfectly, every day. 

If you’re looking for true luxury, you can go with our merino wool socks, these are even more comfortable than our standard socks, and have the added benefits of being made from luxurious Merino Wool. This wonderful natural fiber has a natural springiness to it that helps it hug the foot, keeping you warm, snug, and comfortable. Even better, its even more efficient at wicking away moisture than our cotton, and can retain an amazing amount of liquid without feeling wet. This makes them perfect for wintertime wear, or any time of year! 


Copper defense socks are one of the most effective ways to fight bacterial and fungal growth in feet without any unpleasant side effects. If you’ve ever used a foot cream or powder to help prevent getting athlete’s foot, you know how messy they can be. With copper oxide socks you’ll experience no such side effects, instead you’ll have warm, dry feet that don’t come out of their socks smelling of bacterial waste from digested sweat. 

Some people are concerned that wearing socks like these will result in you getting green feet from the copper, but this isn’t a thing you have to worry about!  Copper socks don’t turn your feet green due to the process used to infuse your socks with copper, there is no concern about the ‘tarnish’ that is often associated with copper jewelry happening with your feet. Our technology simply doesn’t face this concern.

So are there side-effects? Yes, depending on how you look at it. The side-effects you’ll face will be odorless, dry feet clad in extremely comfortable cotton and merino wool. You’ll see a reduction in fungal and bacterial infections of your feet and toe nails, and a comfortable form fitting sock that never gets loose or slips or bunches. Further, the inherent properties of copper socks will help your skin grow healthy and fresh on your feet, resulting in t